Saturday, September 29, 2012

You Bring Me Joy




  1. I also once had a problem probably with T$R. Someone removed the blog and changed my blogger password. Fortunately, by some miracle, I managed to restore the blog - by telephone verification. Then someone reported a false report to 4shared. :/
    It's great that you've managed to add the files again. Just in case I got all my extras on the DVD disc hehe.

    Great creation! As usual :) <33333333333333
    (sorry but my english is bad)

    1. o.O

      Really? Getting hacked is just the worsest Thing that would happened to me.
      Restoring it would be much to hard for Me.
      I think, I would finally gave up creating...

      I can gladly say, that I am always saving my File seperately so I can reupload them anytime!

      Thanks for Your Love, Anna <33 <3

  2. Hi White...I'm so glad you've recovered all your downloads:), I do not understand is this part:

    "Or it was another Dumb Ho from which still thinks she can get Recommendation at other Places, except Ea's creepy Base of Evil. Lol!"

    PS: Anulaa, also did not know that you had problems, in any case I am also glad for you and ultimately you could fix it:)

    1. Oh yeah :)
      I was surfing for a long Time at
      I uploaded everyday and had a lot of fun their.

      Unfortunaly, they are People which are getting mad really fast.
      Through a mistake from Ea, I had like 17.000 Simpoints on my Konto.

      That perfektmoments Chick reported me for everything.
      A big Trouble started, and she even misstreated me here on my Blog.

      I wouldn't wonder if she reported my Files, especially because I am uploading my Files on a German Hoster. Which means, that she wouldn't have Problems reporting them.

    2. Yes Sunset I had some problems some time ago.

  3. Woooow Stefan, das Kleid ist echt Hammer geil!!
    Werde ich mir mal sofort downloaden ;)

    1. Danke Jassi,
      hab es in deinem Video gesehen xDDD


  4. Oh Gott wie geil das kleid ist *-*