Friday, April 19, 2013


Hey :D

I found some nice Peggy Hairs that i am planning to retexture, this is one of them.
This Hairstyle did not had the typical black roots, but it needed to be retextured anyways XD
It will replace the original Hair if you install it, you can only have one Version.

As you can see, the roots in the second picture are different then in the first, this comes because of using   Eye Sliders. I can't fix that, it's Peggy's mistake, and i am not interested to fix it anyways.


  1. oh i love this retexture i just saw it featured on :) :) I learned how to texture an EA hair but i can't do other peoples, as i don't know where to get the mesh or how to see it in CTU thats probably not how you do it anyways lol! I am still only getting the basic stuff :)

    1. Thanks Margie! :)
      I know this Problem...i found out, that only Skysims's and NewSea (and a few others) Hairs can be retextured with the tsrw.
      I tried the Ctu also, but i had the same problem.

      You may use 'S3PE' to open Package Files, so you can replace the textures, i did it with this retexture too :)

      Good luck :D

  2. ahhh i see :) i will probably try this some day soon. It takes up a lot of time and i can't have any distractions when making cc hehe :)