Friday, February 22, 2013

Ouch - Outfit

Yeah, i know. *fierce stare*
I often get to the Point where I think about hours for a good filename, but Nicki Minaj Songs just don't do it!
I am still waiting for my award for the shortest name of you, but i'll won't be that mad either if you give me a pack of choco pralinés.

Milkshape is getting a lot of fun for me, it's like blowing up condoms or something. XD
When i tried frankenmeshing, it all just exploded in Tsrw and the morphs were like going crazy. T_T
But i found out that it is 2 clicks for me to fix it.
This outfit is pretty unsexy, but you may can get use of the Zipper that i added, iykwim! XD

Hair by NewSea, Skysims/Me, Cazy; Skintones and Earring by S-Club Privee; Shoes by Simaenapule, Simsimay

Umm, i feel like writng more right now but somehow it does not work.
Try it.
Enjoy it.
Bye. ;D