Sunday, November 18, 2012

Lady's Diary Rextextured

NewSea Hair retexture

Good Bye Bby's <3


  1. Just downloaded the whitecrow retexture and can't wait to see it in game!! It reminds me of Shyne's retexture and I totally love Shyne's stuff! Only problem I had was the download...totally confusing because it put other download links, in HUGE icon's but the actual download for the actual hair is so tiny. I had to try 4 time before I got the right download!! Lol!! I'm sure it's well worth it though! :)

    1. Hey Cecesaun.

      I know, I love Shyne also, her Genetics are amazing too ^^
      A lot of People were having Problems downloading it, I think I'll open another Mediafire Account to add some Mirrors.

      Thank You very much *-*

  2. very cool! Thank you

  3. OMG I love the shine :)